Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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As simple as that.

1. Tell us what's going on

Describe what's wrong with your two-wheeler. Gears not shifting? Flat tyre? Worn out brakes? Everything can be fixed on all kind of bikes!

2. Lightning-fast booking

Let us know when you are available, a mechanic will confirm the booking super quickly

3. At home or in a workshop...

... that's up to you! Your mechanic will make a quote, fix your bike and make sure everything is running smoothly

Get your two wheelers pampered by a professional

Whether it's a flat tyre, a minor adjustment or a major problem, Cyclofix's partner repairers will take care of your two wheels.

Flat tyre?

Inner tube change on a classic bike



Worn out brake ?

Brake pads change or adjustment



Overhaul needed?

Overall check of the transmission and safety points



The best fix in town

Pro mechanics listening to you

Our network is made of mobile mechanics or local workshops chosen for their expertise and listening skills. Your bicycle is in good hands!👩‍🔧

Don't waste any more time

Our maintenance logbook will always be by your side. The specs of your bike are listed there and with each repair comes an addition to your logbook.🧑‍⚕️

A team that cares

If anything goes wrong, our support team will get you back in the saddle in record time.

Transparent quotes = no bad surprises

Mechanic from the Cyclofix network riding his cargo bike

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My mechanic was top notch! He fixed my bike in no time, and I was ready to hit the streets again!

A happy Cyclofix customer



The repair lady was very professional and gave me useful advice. On top of that, she came to my home; neat.

A happy Cyclofix customer



All faithful steeds are welcomed 🐎


Classicals, Hybrids, MTB, Vintage, Gravel... all bikes are accepted!


Get your e-bike maintained to push it to the limits!


Mechanics will cherish all two-wheelers, including scooters!

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One last question before you start?

1How much detail should I provide for my repair request?

The brand and model of your bike are two important pieces of information for the bike mechanic. You can also attach a picture of your bike (ideally, on the side where the crankset is located) to your request.

2How can I be sure that my booking has been taken into account?

Once you validate your request on our website, you will receive a first email to confirm your request. Later, you will receive a second email to confirm a slot with a mobile bike mechanic.

3Why is it necessary to fill in the bank details?

We take your credit card imprint to check the credit worthiness of your account and guarantee payment to your bike mechanic. No worries though, you won't be charged until your bike has been fixed.

4Is it possible to cancel a booking request?

You can cancel the repair of your bike from your customer account. Your booking will be cancelled and the bike mechanic will receive a notification to be informed.

Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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