Mechanics from our network know how to repair bikes lightning-fast

Bike fleet managers: whether you have 5 or 1000 bikes, your users' bikes get maintained, wherever you want!

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Remain the preferred contact for cyclists

Thanks to our booking platform, manage the requests for repairs of the bikes of your customers or your employees.

Retrieve data on your customers' problems

With the centralized request management, keep an history of the repairs made and control your maintenance costs!

Maintenance of bicycles directly on site

One or more mechanics can work directly on your customers' site for curative and preventive maintenance.

Please note: the location must be within our coverage area.

Bicycle repair at home

No hassle: a mechanic from the Cyclofix network can work directly at your customer's or employee's home.

Cyclofix has been with us for several years on some of our maintenance operations in Paris and the metropolitan area. Their quick action in the field and efficiency in their workshops, make them a trusted partner in our day-to-day management of the world's largest station-based shared bike service!

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Pierre Heyraud

Head of Operations - Smovengo

One last question before you start?

1Which cities are covered by Cyclofix?

For routine maintenance service, your customer receives a standard Cyclofix service on our usual geographic coverage.

For warranty bike repair service, we need to ensure that Cyclofix network mechanics can work on your brand of bike. Often, heavy repairs under warranty are specific and not always standardised.

2How can Cyclofix help my out-of-area customers ?

Mechanics from the Cyclofix network can only operate within our geographical coverage. We recommend that you set up a backup service for your customers who do not live in the urban areas covered by our service.

3How much does it cost to implement these solutions?

Both services are free to set up! No hidden fees.

4What repair guarantees does Cyclofix offer me?

Due to the nature of our service - a platform for connecting independent professionals - Cyclofix is bound by an obligation of means, but not of results.<br /><br />We will do everything in our power to satisfy your customers and provide quality services. An Account Manager and our support team will make sure that all operations are as smooth as possible.

5Can all mechanics work on my products?

In the case of routine services, the mechanics listed are all qualified, regardless of the model of bike.

For warranty repairs specific to your product, we ensure that mechanics have done enough repairs on the same model.

When you make a request for specific repair, we only notify mechanics that are trained to repair your products.

6Who manages the stock of spare parts?

The mechanics of Cyclofix network will take care of the necessary spare parts for your repair call-outs. Nevertheless, it can happen that they do not stock a specific spare part for your bike.

In this case, you can send the spare part to your customer and then book a repair once the part is delivered.

Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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