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Everyday problems or warranty repairs: when you choose Cyclofix, you can be sure that everything runs smoothly for your customers!

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Out-of-warranty maintenance service

A booking interface dedicated to your customers.

Maintenance service under warranty

A booking platform for your teams.

Cyclofix entreprise

A customer interface dedicated to out-of-warranty repairs

Your customers can book a service from Cyclofix.com. A co-branded and dedicated landing page is made available to them!

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Offer the bike setup service at home

The mechanics from our network can setup the new bikes purchased by your customers.

Offer the bike setup service at home

They book and pay services directly on our platform, through the co-branded interface.

Get data related to your customers' problems

We provide you with data analysis and customer feedback on the most common problems.

Offer a solution to your customers for their daily bike issues

Make customers' life easier with a platform dedicated to out-of-warranty problems. Ideal for flat tyres, brakes or transmission issues etc.

And all this in full transparency!

Our prices can be seen <u>here</u>: labour and spare parts included

For more than a year, Cyclofix has been supporting us for the maintenance and repair of our bikes in several French cities. Their responsiveness, professionalism and availability make them first choice partners and we are happy to be able to rely on them and their expertise at any time.

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Cyclofix entreprise

A booking platform for your after sales service

A simple tool available to your teams to link with Cyclofix. The platform allows you to keep control of your after-sales activity.

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A company account to manage your after-sales services

Your company account allows you to manage your requests, book repairs and manage your after-sales service.

Good to know

We are not a customer service call center. Your teams remain the first point of contact for your customers. But we're happy to handle repairs.

A strong team to assist you

An Account Manager and a Technical Lead will be dedicated to your company for a personalized relationship.

Professional experts in bicycle repair

We connect your business with skilled mechanics on your specific bike problems.

A worry-free solution

You are invoiced on a monthly basis, according to the amount of repairs we did for you, no hidden costs. Control your after-sales service activity thanks to the history of your repairs.

One last question before you start?

1Which cities are covered by Cyclofix?

For routine maintenance service, your customer receives a standard service from the Cyclofix network of mechanics on our usual geographic coverage.

For warranty bike repair service, we need to ensure that mechanics are trained to repair specific brands. Often, heavy repairs under warranty are specific and non-standard.

2How can Cyclofix help my out-of-area customers?

Cyclofix mechanics can only operate within our geographical coverage. We recommend that you set up a backup service for your customers who do not live in the urban areas covered by our service.

3How much does it cost to implement these solutions?

Both services are free to set up! No hidden fees.

4What repair guarantees does Cyclofix offer me?

Due to the nature of our service - a platform for connecting independent professionals - Cyclofix is bound by an obligation of means, but not of results.

We will do everything in our power to satisfy your customers and provide quality services. An Account Manager and our support team will make sure that all operations are as smooth as possible.

5Can all mechanics work on my products?

In the case of routine services, the mechanics listed are all qualified, regardless of the model of bike.

For warranty repairs specific to your product, we ensure that mechanics have done enough repairs on the same model.

When you make a request for specific repair, we only notify mechanics that are trained to repair your products.

6Who manages the stock of spare parts?

The mechanics of the Cyclofix network will take care of the necessary spare parts for your repair call-outs. Nevertheless, it can happen that they do not stock a specific spare part for your bike.

In this case, you can send the spare part to your customer and then book a repair once the part is delivered.

Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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