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The experts in home bike repair are in the Cyclofix network

No more walking miles to push your bike. If you're a cyclist, book a service in seconds on the Cyclofix website. A mechanic from the network will come to the address of your choice and fix your bike.

While cycling through the streets of Brussels at the end of 2015, Alexis had the idea to create Cyclofix: a hassle-free bike repair service. He wanted to let cyclists have their bike or scooter repaired without moving from their sofa or office.


Cyclofix was launched in 2015 in Paris, to help repair bikes and scooters.

+ 350K

Since the beginning of the adventure, we have carried out no less than 400,000 repairs on bikes and scooters!


We cover several boroughs in London... See on the map here !

+ 160

Our network has more than 300 independent mechanics accross Europe

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