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With Cyclofix, you can book a service with scooter repair experts. They are mobile scooter mechanics who come to your home.

Tip: if your home is not in a covered area, try your workplace.

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If you are unable to be on site, the mechanics can service your scooter without you.


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Are you on the electric scooter team? Mechanics from our network are trained to help you repair them! Because we know that getting your scooter repaired can be a real headache, all brands can be repaired


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Mechanics will cherish all two-wheelers, including scooters!

One last question before you start?

What are the different scooter services?

Mechanics of the Cyclofix network operate on all routine maintenance of your electric scooter, just like a repair shop. Replacement of the brake system, wheels, tyres, accessories..

Find here the list and prices of electric scooter maintenance services at home.

Whether you have a Xiaomi, E-Twow, Segway*, Micro*, InMotion*, Inokim*, MiniMotors* scooter, our network of mechanics is here to help! We work with expert mechanics that train themselves to widen their field of competences and repair any scooter brand

*For these brands, if a part is needed to repair the electric scooter, the mechanic will be able to guide you in purchasing this part. A delivery time is to be expected to put the scooter back in service.

What should I include in my request to have a scooter repaired?

It is mandatory to indicate the brand and model when booking your electric scooter repair.

- If the problem is in relation to a tyre or an inner tube, specify whether it is the front or rear wheel, and whether or not it contains the engine. We kindly ask you to provide informations related to the size of the wheels written on the sidewall of the tyres.

- If you experience an electronic malfunction, you can describe the symptoms.

- If you encounter a mechanical problem (bending, play in the direction...), you can attach a picture of the issue.

How much does it cost to get my scooter repaired?

You can check the different repair prices directly on our dedicated page. These rates correspond to the prices offered for standard operations, on standard scooters. A more precise quote will be offered after the complete diagnosis of the scooter by the mechanic. You decide whether or not to accept it.

What if my scooter needs more repairs than expected?

It may happen that the scooter mechanic will find out more repairs required than expected. In this case, he or she will estimate the cost of the additional repairs and make a quote that you may accept or deny. There will be no repairs made without your agreement, you remain in control of the maintenance of your scooter! Once everything is validated, he or she can proceed with the repair of your scooter. You can get back on track with peace of mind!

Do I have to prepare my scooter before the repair?

The scooter battery must be charged before the call-out to allow a relevant diagnosis and a test in real conditions after the service. (Except if you have a battery issue, of course)

You don't have to disassemble anything. Just wait for the mechanic to come.

Scooter mechanics prefer to be in good conditions for the service. To allow them to operate efficiently, your scooter should be accessible and ready to be handled as soon as they arrive.

You don't have to disassemble anything. Just wait for the mechanic to come. Warning: it is not recommended to disassemble your electric scooter yourself before the repair to avoid any mistakes that could make the repair more difficult.

How long does it take to fix an e-scooter?

The duration of a service carried on an e-scooter can vary from 20 minutes for tubes or tyre issues, to 1h30 for an electronic issue. In any case, you will be warned in advance of how long the repairs will take.

Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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