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Lightning-fast bike repairs

Our ever-growing network of mechanics allows you to book a service within 48 hours!

Don't settle for anything but crystal clear communication

On top of a transparent quote, you'll get the opportunity to better understand how your bike actually works. You'll become an expert in no time.

A team available 6 days a week

Our support team and our network of mechanics are available from Monday to Saturday to help you book a service!

A mobile bicycles mechanic who comes to your home!

With Cyclofix, you can book a service with bike repair experts. They are mobile bike mechanics who come to your home.

Tip: if your home is not in a covered area, try your workplace.

Not available? You can still get your bike repaired!

If you are unable to be on site, the mechanics can service your bike without you.


400,000 repairs: our network of mechanics know a thing or two about bikes!

Because we know that your two-wheeler is a must have for you, we want to help you maintain it, repair it, and above all extend its life.

Satisfied customers

Mechanics from the Cyclofix network have already repaired more than 400,000 bikes and the customer satisfaction rate is always higher than 92%. You can count on these bike experts!

A network of passionate people

Mechanics from our network are above all bicycle enthusiasts. Our mission: to help you get around town worry-free. Whatever your journey, whatever your bike, ride with peace of mind!

Your bike mechanics in your pocket

Book a service in a few minutes and follow the progress of your request in real time.


All faithful steeds are welcomed 🐎


Classicals, Hybrids, MTB, Vintage, Gravel... all bikes are accepted!


Get your e-bike maintained to push it to the limits!


Mechanics will cherish all two-wheelers, including scooters!

One last question before you start?

What are the different bike services?

The mobile mechanics in the Cyclofix network perform all the routine maintenance on your bike, just like a shop! Tyre, brake pads, chain or any accessories replacement

Find here our price list for our services.

Whether you have a classic bike, a dutch bike or an e-bike, we can help you! The mechanics of Cyclofix network keep training to be up to date with the latest e-bike technologies.

What if my bike needs more repairs than expected?

It may happen that the bike mechanic will find out more repairs required than expected. In this case, he or she will estimate the cost of the additional repairs and make a quote that you may accept or decline. There will be no repairs made without your agreement, you remain in control of the maintenance of your bike! Once everything is validated, he or she can proceed with the repair of your bike. You can get back on the saddle with peace of mind!

Do I have to prepare my bike before the repair?

Bike mechanics prefer to be in good conditions for the e-bike services. To allow them to operate efficiently, your bike should be accessible and ready to be handled as soon as they arrive.

Caution: It is strongly advised not to disassemble your bike yourself before the repair to avoid any mistakes during disassembly that could complicate the repair.

Can a mechanic from the Cyclofix network install parts that I already own?

Yes, it is possible. The mechanic will estimate the amount of labour required to replace the parts on your bike and will provide you with an estimate before proceeding.

Please note: the Cyclofix home bike maintenance warranty will only cover the assembly and not the parts you provide.

Get your bike repaired at home or in your local workshop in less than 48 hours.

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