A little more about Cyclofix

Cyclofix was born from the desire to make your daily urban life easy. We have created a simple service to book bike repairs, at home or in your local workshop.

At Cyclofix, we believe that sustainable transport is the future of urban lifestyle. Our platform connects bikes and scooter users to experienced mechanics. They come to you at home, at your workplace, anywhere!

Cyclofix is an innovative solution for individuals and companies that goes beyond technical expertise: we connect you with caring and helpful mechanics.

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How does it work?

The average repair time in store varies from three days to three weeks. But at Cyclofix, we believe that getting your two-wheeler repaired should be as quick and easy as having a meal delivered or booking a taxi.

Choose between your local workshop or a mobile mechanic coming to you.

Our solution: a hassle-free service, available anywhere,to let cyclists ride with complete peace of mind. Our service is transparent: prices include parts, labour, advice... and big smiles!