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Great service. The repairguy was on time, checked my bike and fixed it super quickly. He helped me understand why I had repeating issues and how to prevent them. I got some anti-puncture tyres and love them already. Thanks!


For all those who struggle to find time to travel to repair their bike, this is the ideal solution! Fast, efficient, I booked a service the day before and had my bike fixed the next day!


Love the idea of mechanics coming to you! Easy booking, repair, estimate & payment. Cheers!


Having your bike or scooter repaired is like having an appointment with an ophthalmologist: there are months of waiting... With Cyclofix, all you have to do is book your appointment! We call them regularly to solve our bike issues. REALLY CONVENIENT!


I'm really happy with my Cyclofix experience. Super responsive service, a really good website and a great mechanic! No hidden fees, fair prices, BRAVO!


Liam was very friendly and skillful. Very convenient to get my bike fixed at home! Highly recommended.

Tan Dung

This is a super convenient concept. I got an appointment within 48 hours, the mechanic was very nice and in 45 minutes my bike was back in shape! I wish I had known about it before! I would recommend to anyone who wants to have their bike repaired/maintained. The prices are very reasonable for the comfort provided by this service.


Very nice and convenient service.


With 92% satisfaction rates and over 400,000 repairs, the home bike repair experts are in the Cyclofix network!

Sorted out in a few minutes!

Sorted out in a few minutes!

After a long trip to the shop where I was advised to buy a new wheel for a price that was out of my budget... I thought of Cyclofix which a friend of mine told me about a while ago.

Eve came by during the day while I was in the office and fixed my bent wheel! I highly recommend her to all cyclists :)

Camelia, occasional cyclist

Efficient and very friendly

Efficient and very friendly

I had a call-out booked at home to change my rear brake pads. In the meantime, I punctured my rear tyre... I warned them 2 hours before, and they managed to get all the necessary parts to fix my bike. Great service!

James installed a new puncture-proof tyre in 15 minutes, and secured my bike with new pads. Thank you very much to him, he was efficient and very friendly.

Laure, daily commuter

Mechanics from our network are also happy... to repair your bike!

The immediate satisfaction of the repair, and the direct contact with the customer feels really nice! I thought I was doing this job only for a short period of time in between 2 jobs, but I intend to continue!



mechanic since March 2021 in Strasbourg.

As simple as that.

1. Tell us what's going on

Describe what's wrong with your two-wheeler. Gears not shifting? Flat tyre? Worn out brakes? Everything can be fixed on all kind of bikes!

2. Lightning-fast booking

Let us know when you are available, a mechanic will confirm the booking super quickly

3. At home or in a workshop...

... that's up to you! Your mechanic will make a quote, fix your bike and make sure everything is running smoothly