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With Cyclofix, you can book a service with e-bike repair experts. They are mobile e-bike mechanics who come to your home.

Tip: if your home is not in a covered area, try your workplace.

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Because we know that your two-wheeler is a must have for you, we want to help you maintain it, repair it, and above all extend its life.

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One last question before you start?

What are the types of e-bike repairs?

Some of the bike mechanics of Cyclofix network are qualified to repair e-bikes. All repairs will begin with a diagnosis of the electrical system. The mechanic will then determine if a part needs to be replaced - it is very often necessary to order it - or if the e-bike needs to be taken over by the manufacturer for a more extensive repair. However, we do not partner with all manufacturers for e-bike repairs.

Some parts (backpedal wheels or hub gears for example) are too specific to be available from our suppliers. We will then redirect you to a specialist in Dutch bikes or e-bikes.

Find here our price list for e-bike repairs.

Whatever the brand of your e-bike, it can be fixed! The mechanics of Cyclofix network keep up with the latest e-bike technologies.

What's included in a complete e-bike overhaul?

In addition to the mechanical part (safety checks, brakes and transmission adjustments, gears lubrication, tyres inflation), the e-bike servicing includes all the elements ensuring the proper functionning of the electric assistance:

- Reset and update the system (if possible), test all support modes
- Control of the battery switch
- Checkin cables
- Checking the speed sensor magnet position
- Checking the tightening torques of the bottom bracket bolts or the drive wheel
- Checking the walking assistance
- Checking the lighting
- Checking the charging function with your charger.

How much does it cost to repair my e-bike?

You can check the different repair prices directly on our dedicated page. These rates correspond to the prices offered for standard operations, on standard bikes. A more precise quote will be offered after the complete diagnosis of the bike by the mechanic. You decide whether or not to accept it.

What if my e-bike needs more repairs than expected?

It may be that once on site the e-bike mechanic finds that there are more repairs than expected. In this case, he or she will estimate the price of the additional repair and <bold>agree with you</bold>. There will be no repairs without your agreement, you remain in control of the maintenance of your electric bike! Once everything is validated, he or she can proceed to repair your e-bike. You can go back on the road with peace of mind with a bike like new!

Do I have to prepare my bike before the repair?

e-bike mechanics prefer to be in good conditions for the maintenance of the e-bikes. To allow them to operate efficiently, your e-bike should be accessible and ready to be handled as soon as they arrive.

Warning: it is <bold>not recommended</bold> to disassemble your bike yourself before the repair to avoid any mistakes that could make the repair more difficult.

At the time of your booking
The more accurate your request, the more efficient the call-out will be. Here are the elements you can specify when booking a repair:
- Brand and model of your e-bike
- Type of motor of the bike (is the motor located in the bottom bracket or the back wheel?)
- Brand of the motor (Shimano, Bosch, Bafang, etc)
- Symptoms of failure

You can also provide a photo when booking your repair

Before the service
As for any service, your bike must be accessible and ready to be handled when the mechanic arrives. Some preparations specific to e-bikes are necessary:
- Battery key
- Charger
- Battery fully charged

Do you sell e-bike conversion kits?

Once you have received the kit, you can call on a mechanic from the Cyclofix network to carry out the installation.

Find all the rates for the e-bike repair services on our price page .

What should I do if the assistance of my bike doesn't work anymore?

If the assistance of your e-bike does not work or works intermittently, the mechanic can carry out an electrical diagnosis to determine the cause of the breakdown.

If the breakdown is quick to repair (e.g. a disconnected cable or an incorrectly connected battery), no additional service will be charged when repairing your e-bike.

If a part needs to be changed, it may be included within an " After Sales Service " offered by the bike manufacturer as part of the warranty. If the warranty cannot apply, we will take care of finding the right spare part and quote for its replacement.

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