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To activate it, enter the number on the card. You can then use your balance the next time you apply.

How does Cyclofix work?

1. Tell us what's going on

Describe what's wrong with your two-wheeler. Gears not shifting? Flat tyre? Worn out brakes? Everything can be fixed on all kind of bikes!

2. Lightning-fast booking

Let us know when you are available, a mechanic will confirm the booking super quickly

3. At home or in a workshop...

... that's up to you! Your mechanic will make a quote, fix your bike and make sure everything is running smoothly

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Whatever your bike or scooter problem, one of the repair experts will answer your request.

Flat tyre?

Inner tube change on a classic bike



Worn out brake ?

Brake pads change or adjustment



Bike overhaul needed?

Overall check of the transmission and safety points


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How long is the gift card valid?

The Cyclofix gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of activation. After that, it will be considered expired and can no longer be used.

Are there any limits to the use of the gift card?

No, the Cyclofix gift card is valid for all our bicycle, bike and scooter repair and maintenance services. You can have a look at all our services on our price list page.

In what form can the gift card be offered?

You will receive the gift card by email, once the payment is made. You have two options: print the gift card and give it personally, or forward the email with the attachment.

Can the gift card be customised?

You can choose the design of the card and add a customised message when you choose the amount to be loaded on the gift card.

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